"Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong"

May 4th ifiwerethekeys:

birthday lounge by Intrepidation on Flickr.
May 3rd arquerio:

66320004 by heatherchipps on Flickr.
May 2nd moanarch:

Drift off by Once upon a time in Alex land..(Alexandra Cameron) on Flickr.
May 1st
May 1st aphelia:

000019 by Yun Q on Flickr.
May 1st arquerio:

untitled by laurentakesphotos on Flickr.
May 1st hazeltonss:

untitled by byss and abyss on Flickr.
May 1st robotique:

Vague Protest. (by The Vision Beautiful)
May 1st aphelia:

untitled by t.fougere on Flickr.
May 1st aphelia:

untitled by emilyharriet on Flickr.